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On this session, you will discover where you could go if you step into Woven Lightning by identifying obstacles, limitations, things that have been keeping you stuck on unconscious and energetic levels.  Including ancestral, collective and soul patterns.

Who Is This For?

  • You are very deeply committed to actualizing your mission, taking your spiritual journey to the next level, and developing your own holistic sustainability.​
  • You've done inner work already and are familiar with things like Mindfulness and Law of Attraction. And you're committed to investing time, energy, and resources to the process of furthering your mission.
  • You're doing well in business and you're ready to level up in terms of impact and reach, along with securing financial freedom with balance in all areas of your life.

Before Jeff I had an inkling that I was meant to be doing something more satisfying with my life.

"I had worked with a psychotherapist for years to heal traumas, did Reiki training to help myself heal, read “The Secret” to try and manifest abundance but it wasn’t until I started working with Jeff that I was fast-tracked into the life I truly wanted.

Through his compassionate guidance I was able to gain greater clarity on purpose, and a never before felt experience of deep-self worth. I soon after met the man of my dreams, developed my own company that is authentic to my soul’s purpose and am better equipped to gracefully navigate life’s twists and turns.

Jeff has a combination of talents you won’t find anywhere else- incredible psychic abilities, years of study and practice in consciousness and healing and genius in synergizing various approaches to boost you into feeling integrated and whole. Who else can read exactly what’s going on inside your head with boundless compassion and make going into dark fearful places so playful and doable?

There are gazillions of therapists out there but none of them can do what Jeff does. He is pure magic.”

Desirée Dunbar
Dance Artist and Entrepreneur

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